Monday, July 15, 2013

Pets and Military Kids

Do you have a pet? I have a pet cat named Licorice. She has been with me ever since I was four. She's always by my side when I'm sick. When my dad is deployed she helps me. I've had my cat longer than my sister! When my dad was deployed Licky would jump up on my bed, tunnel under the covers and lick my toes. Whenever I was sick with the flu in bed she would jump up and sit at the edge or go under the covers. Licky is an awesome, brilliant and beautiful cat. I love her.
Some people think you have to give your pets away when you move but that's not true! We got Licky in Hawaii and then we all visited my Grandma and Grandpa in Oklahoma. When we moved back to Hawaii Licorice came with us. When we moved to Georgia Licorice came here too. I can't imagine my life without Licorice. She's the friend I never have to leave behind.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Meet the Camo Kid

Hello. I'm one of the millions of camo kids in the world. It is fun being a camo kid. The funnest part is meeting new friends and having new adventures. I am a military kid but I'm not a military brat! One of the best things about being a military kid is meeting new friends. I've met millions of friends in my life from all over the world. I've lived in Germany, Hawaii, Oklahoma and Georgia. 
Making new friends is all about being brave. It's quite easy actually. I ask kids all the time to be my friend and no one has ever said no. People are always different then they seem. It's important to give people a chance. My favorite place to make friends is the playground. Thank you for letting me share my adventures with you.